Summer 2016: Project Grow


print("Hello Seattle")

Today began my first day of iOS development code school in Seattle. We covered the basics of the Swift language this afternoon which was such nerdy fun. Below is a piece of code challenge that I figured out this afternoon that was particularly satisfying:

//Write a function that takes in a string and reverses it. Use a simple for loop.

func stringReverse(stringToReverse: String) -> String {
    var newString = ""
    for i in stringToReverse.characters {
        newString = "\(i)" + newString
    return newString

stringReverse("hiya Laura, let's get steps this summer!")

It took me quite a bit to think that reversing the newString addition assignment operator statement. I am so excited to learn more about this awesome new language and how to develop apps .


On top of the code and brain growth I am working on taking my fitness and health to the next level. Physical health has always been important to me, but I feel that I have maintained for the past few years without growing. By moving to Seattle for the summer I feel that I am presented with an opportunity to change my habits - the complete removal from my life promotes growth. 

So I'll jump in - I am following the below rules as a guide for health improvement: 


I found this guy by watching cooking vids from my favorite celeb chef Jamie Oliver who did a collab with Joe Wicks on a post-workout protein shake.  I found his style great as it isn't a diet or limiting in any way - it is more about putting thought into your eating and exercise habits. 

Here is an image of two days of meal planning. Ill have you know that the pages are filled to Friday, and this is a huge piece of my summer health goals. That is, making a weekly meal plan, going grocery shopping for all ingredients and not really thinking about it again until next week. This is also great for the little time I have as my main focus this summer is the brain. 

Daily Log: 

Morning Yoga: 6:30 am - hot and sweaty on an empty stomach

Post-Workout Snack: Smoothie w chocoMilk, 1/2 banana, frozen strawberries, oats (carb refuel), and granola dust. I was famished and really enjoyed this smoothie.  

Brekky: Small handful of oats for oatmeal with strawberries, yogurt and granola dust. This was great, but I couldn't finish. 

Snack: 1/2 apple, small bunch strawberries, and a small wedge of cheese. This was a great snack during morning lecture today and helped keep me going. 

Lunch: Leftover grilled tuna and asparagus. I loved that this portion was small. 

Snack2: Lemon juice cucumber slices and tajin. This was so refreshing when I got home today. Had I had more work, I would have eaten this in lab, but I finished early and was happy to. 

Dinner: TO MAKE - baked avo and egg with leafy greens. 

And for now .... OFF TO STUDY 💻 📲 🚀

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