Here we go

Today I began my training sessions at Whole Body Fitness. What a surprise this was. I have considered myself relatively healthy, I am certainly concerned with health and fitness but never realized how my inconsistency over the past few years has affected my fitness levels. 

I say this because we started with a body composition analysis which involved taking measurements of inches around my arms, legs, bust, hips in addition to the fat pinchy thing (a caliper for anyone who wants to google that). My current body fat measurement is 30%. This was astounding to me because I consistently go to yoga and eat relatively well. But when I think about it I have a night out regularly as well. This often leads to a bad day or two and compound that over a few years - I can see how I got here. 

Now 30% ain't too bad, it is within the adequate range. But for me, this is unacceptable. And so begins my journey of giving a real shit about what I am putting into my body. 

Oh I also start school again today - chasing a masters in comp sci :) 

Here we go! 

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